Asad Khaliq

An immigrant to the US drawn by the transformative power of technology, Asad grew up between 6 countries, makes a mean biryani, and is always game to talk international relations. He sidelines as a pilot on weekends.

Asad Khaliq
\ uh-s-uh-d \ n.
Founding Partner

A co-founder of Acrew, Asad is excited about defragmenting data silos, applied machine learning, and enabling security & privacy. Asad leads and works closely with investments including System, Edge Impulse, Vanta, Aira, Bazaar, Grain, Arthur AI, Observable, and Ketch. He previously joined Aspect in its first fund and co-led or worked with investments including Ciphertrace, Coinbase, Skale, Silverfort, Gusto, and Writer. Asad is on the board of NextGen Partners, a mentorship organization supporting thousands of venture investors. He studied Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University where he also worked on turning academic research into real-world healthcare products.

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