Our team

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\ a’kroo \ Noun

The name that we chose for ourselves reflects our commitment to do things differently. At Acrew, we play VC as a team sport. When you work with us, you have access to our whole team. Our crew is your crew. And we’re committed to helping you build out the best team possible. 

Our beliefs

Diverse perspectives drive the best outcomes. Period.

More people than ever are living digital first lives. Building a world changing company that can reach these broad and far-reaching audiences requires diversity of perspective. The data clearly shows diversity drives better financial outcomes.* Not every team will be diverse from the outset - but investors can and should help their companies to diversify.

Our commitment: We have intentionally built our team with diversity in mind — our founding team spans three generations, 78% of us are women or PoC, and over half are immigrants or 1st generation immigrants. Our Crew of Leaders is even deeper with diverse talent. We will help you add exceptional diverse people and unique perspectives to your team to improve performance, attract the best talent, and serve the broadest reaching population.

*startups with diverse leadership teams deliver 30% higher returns (Forbes)

Emotional intelligence is a technical skill.

As work and life increasingly blend, emotional intelligence is a critical skill — and it’s one that we believe can be developed.

We’ll invest in the ongoing development of ourselves to be the best possible partners. And we’ll support you in doing the same - we know the founder journey is full of ups and downs, compromises and tradeoffs. We’ll invest in your development to help you weather the storms, be a more impactful leader and to be more balanced in your life.

Decisions should be made with depth of conviction and enduring commitment.

Depth of thought and conviction should drive investment decisions — not trends or reactionary responses. And decisions should be long term commitments because most of the greatest companies are built through endurance.

Our commitment: Our intense thesis orientation means we show up prepared. We know your space and the people in it — and we are ready to make a decision, only taking your time for things that actually matter. We will decide to partner with you out of our own conviction and will make a commitment to be by your side throughout the founder journey.

Wealth creation should be accessible to a broader population.

For so long, wealth creation has been limited to a select demographic. We believe VCs can work with their companies to make wealth creation accessible to a wider population.

Our commitment: We don’t shy away from the opportunity for wealth creation. We’re just mindful of who we - and, therefore, you - are making money for. When you achieve success, so do our underrepresented investors. That’s good for everyone.

Our funds

How we invest

Long Term View

Early Stage / Seed - Series A

Check size $1-15 MM
Lead / Co-Lead

\ Elle-tee-vee \ Noun

The Acrew Long Term View fund (LTV) is our early stage fund. We believe early stage partnerships should be a commitment for the long term. The road to building a leading company is lengthy and we’ll walk it with you.

Diversify Capital Fund

Growth Stage / Series B+

Check size $10-20 MM

\ Dee-see-eff \ Noun

The Diversify Capital Fund (DCF) is our growth fund. The vast majority of our DCF LPs come from diverse backgrounds and communities. With a single check from DCF, companies add meaningful diversity to their cap tables.

Our Companies

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