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We're flexible partners and we're ready to meet you where you are.

Long Term View

Early stage

\ Elle-Tee-Vee \ Noun

LTV is for you if you are:

  • An early stage company raising a Seed or Series A

  • Looking for a long term partner who can write a check for $1 to 15 million

  • Solving a problem in one of our core thesis areas

Why partner with LTV:

Domain Depth

We have four thesis areas, each led by one of our senior partners. Our knowledge and networks go deep.

Diverse Talent

We have a community of nearly 500 diverse leaders across industries & function areas who actively support our companies

Tailored Rounds

We can flex up or down in your round to accommodate the team of investors that is most important to you. We believe being in the best companies matters more than an ownership target.

Partner in Fundraising

Next time you fundraise, you won’t do it alone. We’ll offer guidance on when to raise, how to pitch and we’ll introduce you to the right people (not just firms) so you can get back to building your business.

Diversify Capital Fund

Growth stage

\ Dee-See-eFF \ Noun

DCF is for you if you are:

  • A market leader on a path to becoming a public company in one of our core thesis areas

  • Interested in adding meaningful diversity to your teams and cap table with a single check

  • Open to a high impact + high value check of $5 to 15 million in your growth round

Why partner with DCF:

Domain depth.

We have four thesis areas, each led by one of our senior partners. Our knowledge and networks go deep.

Diverse talent. 

Access highly vetted diverse independent board & exec talent through DCF’s official community of ~500 diverse leaders and emerging leaders. 

Flexible co-investor.

We can write $5-$15mm checks in your growth round, collaboratively working with other strategic partners and investors on your cap table.

Diversity to your cap table.

By taking an investment from DCF, you’ll increase representation of women, URM & PoC leaders in your ownership structure —  which means you’re democratizing access to wealth creation.

Our Founders

What they're saying

The Acrew team has been part of our story from the beginning and have deep empathy for the challenges involved in early stage company building. They've been incredible thought partners across multiple dimensions — including hiring, fundraising, and brainstorming ways to grow our community.

Melody Meckfessel
Melody Meckfessel
CEO & Co-founder

The Acrew team has been a helpful partner in sourcing and evaluating valuable additions to our executive team including our CFO. They also regularly spend time with our other teams including Product, an area where they have been a helpful thought partner.

Chris Britt
Chris Britt

CEO & Co-founder

The Acrew team has made our subsequent fundraise processes much easier as a consistent thought partner and connector - in fact, they introduced us to one of our most recent lead investors (who are also diverse).

Rodrigo Sánchez-Ríos
Rodrigo Sánchez-Ríos
Co-founder & President
La Haus

The Acrew team has been there since the beginning, working with us to put together our first institutional round. Their deep expertise in cybersecurity and their dedication have been invaluable in turning a great idea into a great company.

Shlomo Kramer
Shlomo Kramer
CEO & Co-founder
Cato Networks

The Acrew team pushes us to focus on being transformative for the consumer, while staying true to our mission, as we build our business and scale revenues versus focusing too much on the short term.  That is an incredible combination for an investor.

Heather Fernandez photo
Heather Fernandez
CEO & Co-founder

Acrew’s expertise and depth of knowledge in security and privacy has helped Ketch prepare for the next iteration of web3.0.  They are experienced investors who have seen this before.  As a champion to increasing LatinX representation in tech for some time now, Acrew builds a culture based on their core tenets, one of which is diversity of perspective drives better outcomes.

Tom Chavez photo
Tom Chavez
CEO & Co-founder

As a first generation immigrant, one of the things that has always been important to me is creating not just a diverse company, board, and set of investors, but also a diverse capital table.  Acrew’s Diversify Capital Fund aligned all of my priorities in one investment vehicle.

Richie Serna photo
Richie Serna
CEO & Co-founder